Who Comes to a Hackathon for Everyone?

One of the most exciting parts of our Summer of Smart experiment here has been to witness the convergence of incredibly diverse – and historically disparate – communities. By opening up our Urban Innovation Weekends to be “hackathons for everyone” rather than focusing exclusively on designers and developers, we’ve seen teams come together and ideas pitched featuring the traditional (and extremely talented) tech crowd alongside the likes of artists, teachers, city officials, urban planners, journalists, videographers, community members, scientists, roboticists, and even a wonderful librarian!

Our theory is that this approach essentially builds user research directly into each project, as well as providing a wide array of perspectives on crucial elements of design, interaction, and overall structure of each team’s work. It also shows those who have never been to a hackathon before how much is possible in just 24-48 hours. Finally, it demonstrates that everyone, regardless of personal and professional background, can contribute to creating new, innovative solutions to make their city better.

To this end, we’ve decided to release the breakdown of participants from our first Summer of Smart weekend, as well as the current  breakdown from the registration for our second weekend coming up this Friday-Sunday. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the event, the fact that registrants can select more than one skill set makes the overall number totals inaccurate, but provides for a much better representation of the communities and types of people present (e.g. designer/developers, artist/educators, journalist/activists, etc), as shown below!

Register now for this weekend’s event with your mix of skill sets, and check out the people you’ll be working with in the attendees list. See you there!

Urban Innovation Weekend 1: Community Development and Public Art


Urban Innovation Weekend 2: Sustainability, Transportation, and Energy

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