Social Farming

Our team came together around a common goal of assisting the development of the existing Kijani Grows project. Eric Maundu’s project has much potential, and by assisting in web development, business/marketing strategy, and developing a viable business model, we hope to enhance community access to his farming solutions. His innovation and our drive to make […]


Guerrilla Grafters

Guerrilla Graftering is an act of creative constructive rebellion that reclaims the commons for productive use, that benefit all, or at lease the ones that like to eat. Imagine picking fruit off a tree as you walk down the street… How guerrilla grafting works is, we identify stewards that agree to care for the street […]


Trippr (by Glancee)

Trippr is a mobile app that rewards you for travelling in group. When you travel, be it by car, bus, or train, open Trippr and start collecting points for your trip. Trippr will automatically find others who are travelling with you and will award you points when you travel in group, for example by carpooling […]


Dish Wish

The circle of production and consumption of food made from poisonous ingredients unhealthily prepared and barely tasted as they’re hastily consumed and soon regretted can only be broken by changing our fundamental relationship to food, our food culture. We wish to find the time to learn the skills to choose the ingredients to plan inexpensive, […]


Team Intake

Project Name: Intake Team Members: Mary Becica Kai Chang Vaibhav Bhawsar Description: Nutrient Intake is a series of experiments in understanding the food we eat. We joined the USDA, FDA and NiH’s data sets to explore the nutrient content of popular foods and their impact on your recommended daily intakes [RDI]. You can use […]

SMART_smart poster


Schools Motivating Action and Rewarding Transformation – SMART Our objective is to promote the overall health of children through engagement in activities that are competitive, community oriented, and foster a positive self image. We plan to do this through the use of incentives and multi-variable tracking. This platform has a natural path for growth based […]


Move It SF

In an effort to improve population health in San Francisco through increased physical activity, Move it SF is creating a searchable database of San Francisco’s Physical Activity resources and opportunities. It provides a more focused search than what provides and a broader one than SF Parks and Recreation or the Transit and Trails websites […]

Swap_This for That, Sheet 1

The Swap

People choose unhealthy foods. That’s a big problem. We think the solution lies in taking small steps, one choice at a time. Those steps don’t have to be overwhelming or require a lot of knowledge. Swap whole milk with 1%. Eat spaghetti with sauce instead of mac and cheese. Wake up with oatmeal instead of […]


Market Guardians

Market Guardians is collaboration with the Food Guardians project of Southeast Food Access.  Hunter’s Point and Bayview residents lack access to not only affordable healthy foods, but also accurate and real-time data on availability and choices in their local stores and markets.  Our solution is to employ mobile survey and gaming technology to (1) create […]