What if volunteering could be as simple as going to the movies?

Making volunteering local, easy, and fun.

On GetVolunteered, you can search for projects by location, time, and area of interest. It’s like Fandango cross Volunteer Match cross OkCupid.

What makes us different?

* We’re immediate: You can find a project that’s happening this afternoon.

* We’re hyper-local: You can search for projects in your neighborhood.

* We’re easy to use: We’re focused on being incredibly user-friendly.

* We’re open: Anyone can post a project.

* Finally, we’re social: We’re mobilizing social media and creating a new online community to connect and motivate volunteers.

GetVolunteered allows people to connect with and help their existing physical community, and simultaneously creates a new, engaging, and motivating online community.

Project Team: Engin Bumbacher, Gavan Gibson, Josh Rothhaas, Kendra Byrne, Lourdes Juarez, Matthew Senate, Margaret McCarthy, Natalie Aslani.

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