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The Post is a neighborhood bulletin board that bridges the online and street community for democratized expression.
Local community members can view and submit postings (photos, events, texts, notices, documents, etc.) from other local community members from the street screen, their mobile devices, and computers. Messages are filtered so postings come only from hyper-local sources.
The Post reflects each neighborhood’s distinct culture, creates the opportunity for local engagement, and documents community life.

How it works:
The Post displays community content one submission at a time. Community members can post from a phone tethered to the street screen in addition to texts and online submissions. However, all remote submissions must come from within the neighborhood boundaries, ensuring all content on The Post remains hyper-local.

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To contribute with posts for mid market:

Team Members:
Tracey Scott
Christine Loui
Jonathan Johnson
Cormac Harkins
Harrison Tucker

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